Do you know why your frustrated?

Being fustrated isn’t a bad thing if you do not allow it to beat you up. When you feel your frustration levels rising do you ever stop to think and ask yourself exactly why you are frustrated? Many times this is easy to fix when we ask ourselves the right questions in order to determine […]

“Something To Think About”

Imagine Natalie admitting her mishaps and poor decisions that has caused her to use hurtful words to express herself at times, which by the way doesn’t usually turn out well. Since I’m typing in third person; don’t worry that’s about to cease… LOL! She realized and not just now but a recent situation was an eye […]

“I’m Good With My Truth”

Considering the feelings and well-being of others is crucial. It is the foundation of a democratic, civil, and just society. However, humans can become overly concerned with the feelings of those around them to the detriment of their own welfare & experience. It is possible to be too considerate, and or too nice. Eventually you […]

“You Are Worth Being Loved”

Some people won’t appreciate you until they lose you, but no matter how much they swear they’ve changed, no matter how sorry they are, & no matter how bad you want to let them back in, you have to start choosing you first. You deserve better, you deserve someone who sees your worth from day […]

“It Will Be Okay”

It’s hard to admit it, but if you’re reading this you’re in a place of hurt. There is a problem that is causing you to suffer mentally, physically and emotionally. And I just want to let you know it will all be okay. If you were to look back at your life, or those around […]