When The Unexpected Happens

I’m going through an experience I pray no one EVER has to go through. It is tough, very very tough. It is incredibly life altering, it literally shook me up inside out.

Life has a way of shifting us from one path to another without any warnings. This is one of those life altering, experiences I simply couldn’t believe. Initially I refuse to accept it to the point of telling the Doctors to literally shut up!

During the drive home I cried thinking ME, little old ME? I didn’t know where to go from there. I was so lost, confused, hurt, and shocked.

I didn’t know how to verbalize it in the beginning. And then I went through the whole pity party asking God Why ME? How ME? Who ME? 

People say “Everything happens for a reason”. We’ve all said it. Such a cliche’ yet somehow so true. Whether we like it in the moment or not, when life takes us to the worst possible places is truly surprising.

I mean, when you’re at the lowest of lows there’s only one way to go from there but UP. I was moving so fast and doing so much in life without really thinking about whether it was right for me or not. This life altering experience of mine has  made me focus on things that I should’ve been focusing on to begin with. It has halted my stride in the wrong direction and put me on the right path. It is at a high cost but you know what, in the end, it has lead me to the right direction for my life and I can only hope this will work out for my good in the end.

Let my story encourage each and every one of you, I pray this will give someone hope knowing this too shall pass. Sometimes we have to go through the worst of times to truly enjoy and appreciate the best of times.


One Love đź’žđź’–



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