“Forgiveness Is Not Easy But It Is Necessary”

When you see the person who did you wrong, don’t pretend to be all nicey-nice. Be real… Say hello and speak kindly when spoken to but for heavensake bypass the phony hugs and enthusiastic greetings.  Be honest… You feel what you feel, and being a fraud with gratuitous niceness will not make your hurt and anger any easier to bear — in fact, it could  have the opposite effect. 

Sometimes relationships feel bad. That’s just the way it is. There might be some awkwardness, but just try your best to have an open mind. Who knows? This brutally honest encounter just might eventually pave the way to peace between you and that person. Trying to see things from the other person’s perspective can help you reach a place of understanding. Why do you think he or she behaved that way? 

That  person is not all bad, and you are certainly not all good. People exist in lots of gray areas. Remind yourself of this. Own up to your part in the drama while you’re at it. While there are exceptions to every rule, you probably also played a part in whatever went down, think about times that you’ve hurt other people, then reflect on those who have forgiven you. Are you ready to do the same?

When it comes to a grudge, you can carry it or bury it — and burying it; as in, putting it in the past and not stuffing it under the rug actually has health benefits. Forgiveness can lead to greater spiritual and psychological well-being; less anxiety, stress and hostility; lower blood pressure and fewer symptoms of depression.

Letting go of the bitterness and resentment can make way for kindness, compassion and inner peace. It will also remove any power this person continues to have over your thoughts and emotions. Adults need to have the capacity to see the world as a complicated place, where loving, kind people sometimes act hurtful or less than ideal.

Being able to understand  the people we care about are complicated and messy – as we all can be is a crucial life skill that allows you to move through life in a more comfortable way.

If you truly love each other stop pointing fingers and do the work required to mend the hurt and make your relationship full of love and trust again. Anything is possible with Jesus 🙏🏽let him guide you and direct your path to healing and forgiveness.

❣One Love❤️


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