“We All have This Dark Monster Inside Of Us”

There’s something about lying under the covers at night and staring up at the ceiling, being totally alone with your thoughts – even if there’s someone sleeping right beside you. This negative ugly part of our thoughts knows it’s way too late for anyone to intercede. It starts inflicting doubt, insecurity, fear, and stress. We’re wired to fight for what we want, to pursue greatness, to go after our biggest dreams, to connect with other human beings and allow them to carry us in the moments when we can’t carry ourselves.

However the daylight version of me can address the occasional onslaught of insecurities and fears of mediocrity because I refuse to let those thoughts stop me from getting what I want! But the nighttime version of me is paralyzing and weighed down with thoughts of “what if” and how will I ever make this work? and why am I even doing this or that?

I’m sure we all have this dark monster inside of our thoughts  and for a lot of us, it comes out late at night.  

 it knows it will have you all to itself and it can set your brain on fire with all the reasons why you should feel like a disappointment or a failure.

This self-doubt does not have a finish line or a place I am learning that more and more each day – this is not a phase I just have to get through, but rather a mindset that I have to learn to work around. And surprisingly enough, I feel it even more intensely each time I experience success💯
❣One Love


2 thoughts on ““We All have This Dark Monster Inside Of Us”

  1. I find myself agreeing with most of what you write and I like the way you interspace your thoughts with art, photos, paintings, anything you find. Thanks so much for an interesting blog.

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