“Love Will Always Find Its Way”

*Stop torturing yourself; stop looking for what’s not coming
*Stop begging for someone’s attention.

Having a partner in life is NOT a necessity. “I can’t live without you,” and “I’d die if I lose you,” are nice phrases you want to hear once in a while, but trust me when I say you will survive even if your relationship doesn’t.
Usually love will come when you’re not expecting it.

You must live your life, and enjoy every second of it every day, without waiting, especially  looking đź‘€ for a partner.

Unexpected love stories are the best kind of stories to spill. Who knows tomorrow you might bump into him first thing in the morning at your usual coffee shop? 

Who knows you might be working with him. Or maybe she’s working for you. You don’t have to force love for it to be amazing. Let it do it’s magic all by itself.

It will come when it knows you are ready. Physically, emotionally and it will be a nice bonus. 

So start living your days filled with happiness, don’t bother looking for things or people. Instead share smiles with strangers, hug every person you know needs it. Take your alone time to improve yourself, be busy with your work, enjoy your friends’ company, have a life, and for goodness sake stop waiting. 

❤️One Love 


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