“She Believed She Could So She Did”

For many years I was doubtful when it comes to the truth about love.

Let me explain…

I always thought I had to love “him” first before he would love me back. I always thought this is how love works— it always comes with a price; nothing in this life is free right? “the bill of love” has to be paid first before someone can truly love me. Another misconception is you have to ask, or most of the time, beg for love before you can have it.

I bet you have all endured seasons of sleepless nights with empty bottles of wine and empty containers of ice-cream.  

If not yet, it will inevitably happen ladies.


I’ve had to stand in front of the mirror blankly starring at myself as I tried to quickly wipe away the tears that welled up in my eyes, and I hate how they would not stop flowing when I wanted them too.

 In a world where “selfishness” and “self-love” are horrendously misinterpreted for one another, remember the ability to love and care for yourself isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity if you want to have the healthy life you truly deserve.


We come into this world alone and we will leave alone, and no matter how much love we experience in-between it’s only “YOU” at the very end.  

In the words of Oprah, if you’re waiting for someone to love you, save you, fix you, or even help you, you’re wasting your time – only you have the power to make those positive changes required to live a happy peaceful life even if you have to spend it alone.

❤ One Love!



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