“When You Bury Me Don’t Bury The Memories We Shared Together”

This is dedicated to my children…

At my funeral when you bury me don’t bury my memory. I want you to laugh, dance, sing and truly rejoice about the season God gave us together.
Remember the times I made you laugh, cry, happy, and mad. It is my prayer not to have ever made anyone mad or sad but imperfect people mess up a lot.

Sing my favorite songs and dance to them. Don’t sing sad goodbyes because my spirit will live on through you.


Tell about the times I was there for you and the times I wasn’t.

Tell them how I embraced you when you weren’t expecting it and tell them about the times I should’ve but I didn’t.

Talk about the times I stood by your side, cried when you cried and smiled for you when you couldn’t.

Tell them if I ever hurt or offended you when I should’ve been there to hold you even though my pure  soul flowed the best of intentions for you.

When you bury me, don’t bury any of our memories NaKiayah, Preston, Jaylen, and Lyric.

Tell them about 👼🏽 Destiny Lauren Ford who didn’t get to have what we had; many years together but now I can finally get to see my baby girl again and forever hold her👧🏽💕

I want everyone in attendance to laugh, dance, sing and truly thank God for the time he gave us together🙏🏾

🙏🏾One Love ❣❣❣❣❣❣


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