“Here Is Your Monday Motivation”


You’re allowed to forget about the heartbreaks – about the nights you cried yourself to sleep and the days you spent not feeling like you were good enough. It is not helpful to hold onto painful thoughts – so let them go!

You are allowed to forget about your traumas. The injustice done to you by others – the wounds that you are warned never to forget.

You are allowed to throw away each label that’s been placed on you by the people around you – making you feel weak and stigmatized, rather than replenished and strong. You’re allowed to leave behind who you were.


You are allowed to forget about failures. You’re allowed to move forward with confidence, leaving self-doubt and letdowns in the past. You don’t learn any new lessons from agonizing over what was, so let it fall by the wayside with your downfalls. 

As you  continue moving forward  you don’t have to take the painful memories into your future. Not if they aren’t going to be beneficial for  what’s ahead.

 You’re allowed to forget about betrayal. About the people who lied to you, the knives that stabbed you swiftly in the back, the broken promises and shattered trust. 


You’re allowed to place your faith in new people – to give them a chance when you know better and to love them with ferocity and strength. 

You aren’t obligated to let those past betrayals make you bitter. You aren’t required to carry them any longer. You’re allowed to forget about fear.  

You are allowed to forget about all the doubt that lingers inside the chambers of your mind when you feel paralyzed about moving forward. 


You’re allowed to lean into the fear with open arms. Forget what the world tells you about always playing it safe.

You’re allowed to forget about all of it – all the rejection, all the anger and despair of your past. You don’t have to keep carrying your wounds because you are scared of who you’ll become without them. 

You’re allowed to let yourself start all over. You’re allowed to let the past wither and die.


But here is what you need to remember:

*Remember your strength.

*Remember the ways you pulled yourself back together when everything came tumbling down. 

*Remember the nights you spent wiping your own tears and the mornings when you forced yourself out of bed. 

*Remember the battles you fought  and won, the lessons you learned along the way. Remember your power. Remember your ability to prevail.


*Remember the people who caught you when you fell. Remember the kind words, the happy memories, the times when you were falling apart and the person whose hands and heart held you together. 

*Remember the people who never left, when everyone else was walking out, and appreciate them for all they’re worth. Remember the people who stayed.

*Remember every time things went right. When you were barreling down the wrong path, headed towards fear and destruction – and something stopped you along the way. 

*Remember it takes a moment for everything to change for the better for your stars to align and for your path to reroute itself.  


*Remember the best things can happen when you’re expecting them to crumble and let that be your motivation to hang on for one more day.
*Remember how awesome true love feels like. The love that you have for yourself, for those around you, and for the future. 

*Remember strength the resilience you showed in the face of every challenge that tried to pull you down. 

*Remember the beauty, the integrity, the amazement of every moment that took your breath away, in the years after you thought that you’d never be happy again.

Remember that life goes on.
Even when all the stakes are down, Remember all of the reasons why you’ve held on this long whenever you feel like you can’t make it another day. 


❤️One Love❤️



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