“Be With Someone Who Is Willing To Put In The Work”

When you really matter to someone, that person will always make time for you.

When someone is for you they will love to spend time with you. Whether your relationship is long distance, or whether your lover stays in the same residence, spending time is key.Ā When someone is willing to give you a piece of their time on a regular basis you’ll know they are really for you.
Couples regularly agree spending time together should be the main priority. If a person refuses to give you the time you need to maintain the bond you share together, you have to swallow that God awful Ā pill and admit you are not a priority in their lifeĀ andĀ you have toĀ move on. Never compromiseĀ you expectations for anyone.

Relationships are tricky, and like plants, require a bit of watering and care to stay alive. Be with someone who is willing to put in the work with you and for you in order to have a mutual thriving loving relationship.

ā¤ļøOne Love


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