“If You Know Better Do Better”

Women are notorious for being catty. They are stereotyped as competitive, jealous, backstabbing humans who operate on mostly two-faced friendships. For some of us, this ends with high school, or if we’re lucky, middle school. But for many women, their “fake” two faced demeanor thrive well into their forties, fifties, and sixties. It needs to stop! 

We live in a culture where it is still considered more socially acceptable for a man to directly express his competitive nature. For women, this quality has been shunned as undesirable. Many women are consequently uncomfortable with both their natural feelings of wanting something and their desire to compete to get it. Having evolved under the stigma of being the “weaker sex,” women have historically been expected to be more covert or manipulative in their efforts to achieve success. Sadly, as women, we sometimes inadvertently strengthen this false notion of gender norms by failing to face our competitive feelings directly or to learn to deal with these feelings in a positive way. So, with that knowledge, why is it that women still feel the need to tear each other down? 


There are a thousands of things in society today to get heated over; yet we choose to get upset over the length of another female’s hair or the loud personality of the woman across the bar?

We compete with classmates, coworkers, and even our friends. More often than not, it only brings out the worst in both parties.  Judging another women may give you a warm fuzzy feeling however that feeling is short-term! Long-term, it depletes us, hurts us, and limits us.  

When we spend our time thinking negatively about the women across the table from you or feeling jealous about what someone else has puts a huge gap between you and true happiness. It also limits enjoying your own life and takes your focus off crushing the goals that lie in front of you that still needs to be accomplished. 

So catch yourself. Bite your tongue. Don’t chime in when your friends start badmouthing the woman who has the balls to embrace her individuality, flaws, and choose to be different. Extend a compliment to the gorgeous waitress after she takes your order. And offer more support to your true friends who know and love you for who you are. We all deserve a it! 

❤️One Love 💃🏽



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