Evaluate Your Circle ~ Never Break Bread With People You Didn’t Starve With

When we achieve success in our lives we must always remember who was with us along the way up and who continued to evolve with us. Know successful individual works hard to remain stagnant at the same corporate level.  Success can teach us a lot about who we are on the inside and it usually puts our integrity status at the forefront of each successful milestone. Success may change a lot of our relationships we have climbing that corprate ladder but it should always strengthen our relationships with those who are genuine forces in our lives. While acquaintances and associates will come and go in life, real friends will remain in each other’s lives even if they don’t talk frequently their should be proven facts that gives you comfort knowing if you need them you can depend on them and vice versa. Successful people know their is always enough at the table to go around; selfishness is not their forte.  

The easiest path to finding success in your life is to help someone else find theirs. After all, our contribution to this world has to be measured by something more significant than the size of our bank account. Our lives are going to find their greatest significance in how we choose to live them—and how we enable others to live theirs.  


🙏Remain humble & simply be a blessing 💵 Pay it forward 💯


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