´╗┐Finding a perfect fit in love is a very difficult thing to do because none of us are perfect. Sure there are fairy tale scenarios we have all seen in movies, television and other media outlets, but the only fairy tales in life are those that we are willing to work towards. ´╗┐´╗┐

´╗┐´╗┐Love between two different people requires an understanding that these two people will have to work every day with an honest effort in order to make things work. Love is no short sprint; love is a marathon. No two people will fit exactly together as we suspect they should because everyone has their differences. That’s what is beautiful about humans, and human nature. Instead of working to be alike, a great couple will capitalize on each others strengths by filling in where their partner may have a weakness, only then will a couple truly fit together.


´╗┐What you bring to a relationship to get that person must be utilized daily. I’m not talking about the things that money can buy, I need daily honest communication. I need to hear your voice. I genuinely want to know how your day was. If you have a problem let’s work as team to solve it. I don’t need a fairytale type love. Most people crave the simple things like a walk in the park together. A home cooked meal. Prayer together. Watching Netflix together. Lying next to each in silence or lying your head on his chest being content listening to his heartbeat.


Why must we make love so hard to find and keep?

Why can’t people be content with making one person happy? 

Why are there so many catch 22’s? 

Why are you always measuring your relationship status que to someone else’s? 

Why is it so difficult to revert back to the basics when it comes to matters of the heart? Before all these damn text messages, social media, online dating sites, etc.


ÔŁĄ´ŞĆOne Love­čśś



  1. THANK YOU! I try to tell this to some of my single girlfriends, This was wise advice given to me when I was still single, “Love shouldn’t be hard.” So I gave up on people until I found someone who made life better, not difficult. Ten years later I still love this man with all my heart — my husband! I believe too many women settle, unaware of their true worth. Great blog! I see you have a lot of cool topics I’m looking forward to reading. ­čÖé


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