Closure Cheat Sheet…

For some, it is simply terrifying to be alone. You don’t have that special person to text and call every day, you don’t have someone to sleep next to at your beck & call or tell you they love you. People like being in a relationship because it provides a reliable safety net to escape loneliness.


Letting go gracefully of people that aren’t meant for you is an art that isn’t innate, it is learned through introspection, self-love and at times, heartbreak. A failed relationships is usually built on one and a half or even just one person; a successful relationship is supposed to be built on two: two people actively putting in the same amount of work being together and staying together.
However, we may find ourselves in a relationship when we are giving more than the other person is, & this is one of those times when you should seriously consider letting go.

Of course, no one understands better than me the necessity for that last try, that last approach to try to make things work. If you believe, in your heart, this will make you feel more at peace with the situation even if he/she doesn’t text back or returns your call do it! You come first right, let go of embarrassment and pride, if you believe this will provide you with closure, screw the rules & do you. However, If that approach doesn’t work I have invented a cheat sheet to getting over that very last un-responded text or phone call. It can actually be used in any kind of romantic turmoil you are going through. I have also provided blank spaces for you to fill them with personal, specific words thus making it more effective.

Find a mirror, look at yourself honestly and peacefully, and read this out loud as many times as you need to. Cry, yell, whisper, do whatever you have to do:
I said what I had to say and I am at peace with myself and the situation because it isn’t on me anymore.
If _________ answers, great, but if he/she doesn’t, reality is it’s his/her loss.
_________ missed out on one of the best opportunities of a potential relationship that he/she will ever have in his life because I am _________, _________, ________.
Not to mention _________, and __________. I have a huge heart with so much love to give if ________ would’ve been in trouble or needed my help, I would have been there one thousand percent because I always put the people that I love first.
I am finally content that I dodged someone that would never appreciate or realized the amazing person I am, someday I will meet someone that does, and then I will understand why this didn’t work out. The love I have to give is priceless and I now know it’s not intended for those who are simply content with wishy washy lust they are accustomed to giving away.

Until I meet the person who will love me as much as I love them all I can do is continue working on being the person that I want someone to fall in love with.

❤️One Love



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