“Loving The Crazy Girl”

Love the girl who’s struggling with anxiety and depression, the one who doesn’t always wake up smiling and likely cries herself to sleep.

Love the girl whose mind fights with her when she’s at a restaurant, who will struggle for twenty minutes before finding something on the menu.

Love the girl who needs a month to prepare before meeting your parents.

Love the girl who gets homesick even after leaving the same place for the hundredth time.

Love the girl who is scared of the world, but tries to conquer it anyway.

But your mind will tell you “Why love the crazy girl? She’s too much goddamn work. Too many insecurities. Too many flaws.”

Love the crazy girl because she is an expert on the importance of loving herself.


She knows she needs help from time to time and she is the only one who can give herself that virtue.

You will inevitably end up loving the crazy girl, but you will never be her caretaker.

It’s the crazy girl who will lay with you in bed at 3 am when your thoughts drive you into a mind hurricane.


The crazy girl will learn to analyze and read your emotions better than you can recognize them yourself because she has mastered that skill on her own.

She’ll sit with you in silence on Sundays as you watch football and hockey when it’s the last thing she feels like doing.

When the crazy girl falls in love with you, she can promise it’s a love that will never go away and you wouldn’t want to lose her love.

❤️One Love




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  1. Absolutely the truth!


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