I Love This Quote ~“Behind every beautiful thing, there’s some kind of pain.” ―Bob Dylan

At some point, you will come to realize living this life involves some amount of necessary pain, and there are more flavors of pain than ice cream and coffee combined. 

There’s the little empty pain of leaving something behind ‒ graduating, taking the next step, walking out of a familiar, safe situation and into the excitement of the unknown. There’s the giant, whirling pain of life upsetting all of your big plans and expectations. There’s the little sharp pains of making a mistake, and the more obscure aches of success, when it doesn’t make you feel as good as you thought it would. There are the vicious, backstabbing pains of betrayal. The sweet little pains of finding others who are worthy of your time, giving them your love, and taking joy in their life as they grow and learn. There’s the steady pain of empathy that you shrug off so you can stand beside a wounded friend or lover and help them face their problems.

And on the best of days, there are the subtle, tingling pains you feel throughout your body when you realize that you’re standing in a moment of sweet perfection, an instant of great achievement, or happiness, or laughter, which at the same time cannot possibly last ‒ and yet the memory will remain with you for the rest of your life.

No one likes pain, that’s a given; when we experience it we usually say we’re having a bad day, because we forget something important about what we’re going through: Only the dead can’t feel because their time is already up. Pain is for the living – for those of us who still have the chance of a lifetime to see another day just know in the most painful situations this too shall pass, until it does just trust God because He is already standing on the other side of that painful experience.

❤️One Love



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