Kids Go Back To School Tomorrow~I’m Doing A Happy Dance! Wooohooo!

IMG_5154.PNGThere is no book or class out there to prepare you for the adventures you are about to endure as a young parent. While todays popular culture encourages reproduction after you have gotten all the desires of weekend drinking, monthly getaways, great sex, promotions at work, and binge shopping out of the way; some of the poor choices we make has a way of throwing us a curveball in the form of a child. At that time you are not quite done with being one yourself.
At this point you will probably freak out. You will most likely cry and feel hopeless. It’ll feel like you didn’t live life to its fullest and you aren’t ready.
I assure you that all those symptoms/feelings are totally normal after discovering that in just 9 short months, you will be the parent of another human being!

IMG_5155.PNGTrust me, no one is ever really ready to take on the role of a parent. Something will always come up, things will happen that need to be done before you are in fact ‘ready’. I have been there & done that. At the tender age of 17, I got the news that I was going to be a mother that I was obviously not planning for nor was I ready for. Now that I am going on my 20th year as a ‘mom’, I am able to provide a compilation of advice for all the other young parents that feel the way I did before I took the plunge. Trust me, you’re going to need to know a lot, 90% of that knowledge is going to come from on the job training.

IMG_5152.PNGNo amount of preparation, researching information or listening to other moms can successfully prepare you for a lifetime role as a mom. I can’t stress this part enough~>a strong prayer life, faith and seeking Gods wisdom & guidance is going to be your hedge of protection for you & your child. {Psalm 91 is one of my all time favorite scripture}. Also pure love, being independent, responsible, along with endless amounts of safety, security, quality time, and last but certainly not least, a strong support team and co-parenting with the child’s father will truly be a great foundation for your child(ren).

*Continue to be encouraged* 😊
❤️One Love



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