Weekend Motivation

When people are miserable with their own lives, they for whatever twisted reasons try to bring others down. I’ve learned through a lot of my own one on one experiences in life that a lot of hate and criticism is derived from those individuals who aren’t content with their own situations. Some of those people lack confidence and esteem which are required to make decisions that can improve their lives, and they are also the same ones who will watch and criticize every decision you make.

You must move forward in life knowing this, and proceed accordingly. Never let anyone’s jealousy turn you away from the life that you are supposed to live; the good life that you are currently working hard to create for you and your family. Remember that the barriers we will face in life aren’t always just different sets of extenuating circumstances; a multitude of the barriers we face will come from people who are only there to hate, and set us back. Some people simply don’t want you to succeed, succeed anyway!



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