Do You ~ Always Make It Extraordinary

Since I was little, I’ve always been told that quitting was for losers. Whether it be in elementary school, church, or even at home, I was always told that quitting was a “bad” thing, and that I should always try to stick things out until the end. While I understand where most of these individuals were coming from, I’ve come to realize through my own experiences in life that sometimes quitting can actually be the very thing needed to propel your purpose.


Many people would say that true leaders never quit, but I truly believe that the greatest of leaders are the ones who are mature enough to admit when they need to take a step back. Whether it be in business, ministry, or even a relationship, being able to say “enough is enough” is a really good thing. Why? Because quitting one thing might be your ticket to achieving another. You need time to regroup and recalibrate.

Sometimes you need to quit things that you are mediocre at in order to experience things that are extraordinary.

I say this from personal experience. I’m not telling you to quit your job with no back-up plan; I am telling you to always be on the lookout for open doors. God is always willing to guide you if you are willing. Don’t settle for mediocrity; You were destined for greatness. YAY! GO ME~> should be your motto in life.

❤️️One Love ❤️



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