Tidbits Of Information I Would Tell The Younger Generation

*You can’t hold on to anything that wants to go, you just have to love it while you got it, and that’s that*

Respect someone’s decision to walk away enough to not blame them for doing so, and respect yourself enough not to whine and beg them to stay.


*You can be anything in life, but never be ungrateful*

You have seen this written in every other article about personal growth and that is only because it is true. Gratitude is the very first ingredient for a happy life. Be thankful for your home, own bedroom, clean clothes, warm food on your plate, and the people in your life. Some teenager/young adult out there is working 80 plus hours a week in a plastic factory to feed himself and other younger siblings, and yet he still manages to be grateful for simply being alive.


*Now is always a good time*

Because it is the only fleeting moment that you have the power and control over what you think, say, and make out of life. Really taste the food you are eating, talk to your grandparents more often and cherish your ridiculous moments with your friends, for you might not be as close to them in a few years as you are now.


*There is a huge difference between loving someone and loving the idea of being with someone*

Loving someone is to offer understanding, encouragement, and respect even when all of their flaws are being displayed. While loving the idea of someone is expecting them to be whichever prince charming or queen you have been dreaming of, only to be disappointed and then blame them for the rose tainted glasses your wearing.


*Let people you love know you love them often*

You are ALWAYS going to lose people, by choice or by chance. We are all perishable.



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