Enjoy Your Weekend ~ Love Is Not A One Way Street


20140516-080457.jpgYou’ve somehow convinced yourself it’s okay for them to neglect you, to forget about your feelings, and you must put aside your life if it means they will be happy. You’ve been taught that love is about constantly giving, but never receiving. Love is not this one-way street.

I hope one day your heart feels what real, true love is. I hope you know what you feel now is not what could or should be. Love is not about giving up your body to them because you think they will love you. It is not about giving up your dreams because you think you have to cater to their every need.
Love should not be confused with infatuation, <~{trust me when I emphasis the hard emotional lessons I had to endure to finally know the difference}. Love is not continuous madness, drama and emotional recklessness.

I know you are desperate to find true love so you settle for someone who will only be able to give you temporary highs and empty affection. Their phony love that you’ve convinced yourself is real love for you is only shown when they feel it’s necessary and beneficial for their own greedy gratification to boost their ego. So, you become manipulated and stick around for someone who is sadly below your worth.

Please remember, one day you will find the love that doesn’t require you to stay up all night depressed, feeling like your drowning in your own tears. Love is about kindness, patience, and selflessness, and honesty. Of course it may not always be easy, but you will have genuine peace. They will not treat your heart like a piece of broken glass.

Don’t give your heart to someone who requires you to lose your self worth, dignity, and good ole fashion self respect. Say this out loud~>”You control who stays in your life”. Yes, it will hurt to move on, but you must also remember your true lover, friend, and confidant can’t have his or her rightful spot in your life if the wrong person is in there place.

❤️One Love❤



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