If You Truly Want Out You Have To Be Committed To The Recovery Process…

This list started as a way for me to help myself and other friends get over someone. Every time we find ourselves thinking about that person, or have the urge to search through their countless social media profiles, we hold each other accountable and read this list instead. It reminds us why it would be better to not look back or try to rekindle any contact with that person. I hope this list can also help you do the same when needed. Key rule to follow is to always ask yourself when is enough truly enough? You should never allow another person treat you less than what you deserve and that much I’m sure you already know. Everyone deserves to be respected however, respect is twofold; you have to first have it for yourself in order for anyone to freely give it to you. Be wise when it comes to matters of the heart because you deserve nothing but the very best.
Think of the process as an intervention process. Drug addicts, alcoholics, etc. has to go through detox and a recovery process in order to be free from those substances. The same principle applies. Your heart and your thought process has to be free from toxic people in order for you to be emotionally healed.

1. He/she doesn’t care about you.
It’s easy to show someone you care. Text them first, ask them about what’s been happening in their life, be open about how you feel about them. If he/she doesn’t respond to 90% of your text messages, red flags are waving at you! This person is obviously a jerk and doesn’t have the balls to tell you their not into you. If the person you’re interested in isn’t showing you that they care, chances are they really don’t. Move on!

2. He/she only wants you when they are lonely.
If this person goes days or weeks without contacting you, and then you receive a text or call asking you at 11pm can you come over? SMH!

3. He/she plays mind games sending mix signals
They act interested one day, but then ignores you the next. Playing hard to get is one thing, but playing hot and cold for a long period of time is just ridiculous and childish. It causes unnecessary drama, and life is stressful enough without having to play guessing games about whether or not someone is actually interested in you.

4. He/she makes you question whether or not you’re truly wanted.
Sometimes people act like they’re interested in you simply because they’re attracted to you physically. However, this does not mean that they are interested in getting to know you outside of the bedroom. It’s important to figure out the difference. Very crucial piece.

5. The good days do not make up for the bad ones.
I can’t stress this enough. I’m not going to lie, there are definitely going to be good days. The days when it seems like he’s interested, he opens up and tells you everything that you’ve been waiting to hear. Unfortunately, those days are short lived; before you know it they are right back to ignoring you and you have no idea why.

6. You want to stop wasting your time.
This process of getting over someone is only going to work if you’re in it 100%. You have to want to get over him or her. You have to finally realize that you can’t keep wasting your time and your feelings on someone who doesn’t appreciate and reciprocate them. Your friends can tell you a million times that you need to stop going back to that person and falling into old patterns; until you realize it for yourself, it will never work and you will continue being hurt. Love yourself enough to walk away for good.

One Love❤️


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