What Love And Being Single Has Taught Me

Over the years, love has taught me that people arenā€™t perfect. Iā€™m not perfect and I shouldnā€™t put the person I love on a pedestal and have them destroyed in front of my eyes when they make a mistake and fall from grace.

Love has taught me to speak up and articulate my feelings despite risking heartache; having someone you can mesh well with is truly one in a million. Donā€™t lose that chance.

Love has taught me to be sensitive with other peopleā€™s feelings after I had my own heart broken. I wouldnā€™t wish that agony on anyone.

And love has taught me to love and cultivate myself, so I can share the best parts of me with my love when I meet him.

Being single has also taught me the following lessons:

*At this point in my life, I believe Iā€™m ready to let that lucky guy enter my world. Who will take the time & patience to really understand me and love me for who I am.

*Waiting is perhaps a test of my patience, my candor and capability to be found. Your relationship mistakes should be viewed as a blessing in disguise. You canā€™t really love another if you havenā€™t learned what love truly is.

*I have shown persistence in the face of failure blowing up in my face. Not a happy experience but a good lesson learned.

* I’ve learned to be kind and loving to others even when they don’t treat me the same. Another hard lesson.

*I have faced my own inner demons and grown from each experience.

*I am willing to take the risk by waiting for my true love and being vulnerable enough to allow him to lead while trusting him in the process. Anything worth having is worth waiting on.

*I am ready to take care of another through thick and thin and pull through the challenges weā€™ll face in our future.

*Yes, Iā€™m ready to welcome my best friend, my adventurous partner, and my true love; together we can brave the challenges of this world!

*Heā€™ll be the anchor that keeps me grounded and Iā€™ll be the wings that keeps him balanced.

šŸ˜Š Iā€™m here, waiting for you my loveā¤ļø



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