The Saga Continues…

So the guy or girl you went out with last night hasn’t responded to your, “Had a great time with you! Let’s do it again soon!” text yet, and it’s already 9:30 AM the following morning. WTF?! Or the person you’ve been texting every day for a whole 2 weeks didn’t respond to your daily, “Good morning ; ) ” text…. It’s been 38 minutes already! She always responds within 3 minutes. What gives?!

Here are some possible reasons why he/she isn’t texting you back.

1. You’re being impatient.
Our desire to get things immediately has turned into a vital necessity. We stream and binge watch entire TV show seasons in a mere few days, so we expect everything to be that instantaneous. Take a breath, put the phone down, and wait. Patience is a virtue my friend. Learn it quickly.

2. You’re abusing the read receipts.
If you see that someone has read your message and hasn’t responded yet, do NOT send them a question mark, a ‘Hello??’ text, or a sad face emoji to express your dismay in their response time. They got the first message, hence you seeing the read receipt.

3. He/She died
If you think that not getting a response right away warrants a follow up text from you saying, “OMG are you alive?!” text, then you deserve a response of, “No, I am dead.” Calm down crazy person.

4. He or She Really Did Die:
Or has some other type of emergency that is preventing him/her from responding to your text. Life happens.

5. He or She actually has a life:
Surprise! Maybe friends, a job, hobbies, or even a crazy combination of all these things is why.

6. You used a winky face emoticon.
You know one of these ; ) Seriously? Who doesn’t have emojis in2014. Get it grip. Also, winky faces are creepy if you don’t know this person. It’s not cute. Please Just stop!

7. You’re being needy:
Phones are for the convenience of the person who has the phone, not others. Stop expecting people to be at your beck and call.

8. His or her phone died!
I mean, who doesn’t carry a charger around with them? Crazy right? No, actually; It happens. Rarely, but it happens. Wait a few minutes, and they will most likely have found someone with a charger. Once again get a grip.

9. He/She isn’t interested:
Plain and simple. Take a hint, stop wasting your time, and find someone who is. *Good Night*


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