31 Ways To Tell If A Guy Doesn’t Want You To Be His Girlfriend

My hope is that these “31 ways to tell” serves as a checklist and helps many women weed out the men they quickly need to say goodbye tooĀ forever! It took a lot of me to actually write this checklist because I have been on the receiving end of some of these; although the lessons were hard andĀ emotionally painful I can now use those experiences to help other women recognize those red flags is by far worth the experiences.

P.S. Please know that this treatment we so often get from certain men has nothing to do with us and who we are as women. This is just how lots of men think and what they do when they feel provoked, threatened or under pressure from women. So, as much as you may want to, please don’t take this kind of treatment personally. Know that you are still beautiful, worthy and should never change a thing about yourself despite what any man may say or do to you, or how me may leave you feeling inside. Your prince is still out there searchingĀ  for you and in due time he will find you. In the mean time and in between time work on yourself so that you can be the woman he will need you to be.

31 Ways To TellĀ If AĀ Guy Doesn’t Want You To Be His Girlfriend

  1. You will often feel like you have to guess or assume what your status is with him
  2. You’ll never have the “where is our relationship going?” talk with him because he will do everything he can to avoid that
  3. He will avoid anything that involves making a commitment to you.
  4. He will waste his time with you. He will dilly dally and shuffle his feet with you on certain topics or situations that require honesty.
  5. He will spend little to no money on you.
  6. The connection you have with him may feel loose or barely true.
  7. He will send you mixed messages.
  8. He won’t buy you any presents or gifts on any given occasion.
  9. He will leave you hanging by not letting you know his plans have changed.
  10. He will manipulate you to get what he wants most (usually sex)
  11. He will not talk to you for an extended period of time; let alone have a real meaningful conversation with you.
  12. He will talk to you in a way thatā€™s demeaning by attempting to destroy your self esteem so that you will keep him around for his own guilty pleasures.
  13. He will lie to you 90% of the time or not tell you the complete truth.
  14. He will not invite you to his house. And if he does, he won’t feel comfortable having you there and he will want you to leave in a short period of time.
  15. You might feel like you have to push, manipulate or nag him to get what you want most from him at any given time.
  16. He will not introduce you to his close friends or family.
  17. He will not acknowledge you by keeping you and your relationship a secret.
  18. You will always feel like you’re second best to him
  19. He will be evasive about his whereabouts and routine, who he’s with, what he’s doing, etc.
  20. He will not ask for your thoughts and opinions on anything that is important to him.
  21. He will not take a serious interest in your life, things you like or anything that is important to you.
  22. Your needs, comforts and happiness won’t be a priority for him.
  23. He will not want to take care of you on any level.
  24. You might feel like you need to change yourself to please him. You might dress or act a certain way, or partake in things you don’t like or agree with just to get or keep his attention.
  25. You may even feel nervous around him.
  26. He will not tell you he loves you or at the very least cares about you.
  27. When he leaves the relationship he will not tell you. He’ll just go.
  28. He will go days without contacting you then suddenly call or send you a text message wanting to come by at an odd hour (this is usually at 1:30 in the morning to proposition you for sex)
  29. When you are intimate with each other, it will be quick. And it will be done in ways where he doesnā€™t have to connect with you or look you in the eye or face ā€“ CENSORED
  30. He will not want to spend any time with you after you’ve been intimate with each other. He makes up excuses why he has to leave.
  31. He might work to impress you or sweep you off your feet initially, so much so that the things he does for you may feel “like a dream” or too good to be true. And yes, it is too good to be true because the catch 22 is it only benefits him and leaves you feeling empty inside.




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