What About Your Friends I Still Love That TLC Throwback Song

20140326-081528.jpgEverybody will go through life with a different take on friends than others; some friendships will begin simple while others may begin more aggressively and may become simple over time. What all true friendships have in common is that when two people commit to being true friends, they care about each other and want the very best for each other. “I am my brothers keeper type friendship”.

Some may have many friends, while others may only have very little friends. While it isn’t important to have a huge circle of friends around you, it is necessary to have at least 2-3 genuine people to be able to confide in, a person to lean on, a person to get advice from, and encouragement in times of great discouragement.


We should all make an effort to show our true friends in our lives how grateful we are for them by showing them that we will always be there for them. Don’t just call on your friends when you need something from them, appreciate their presence in the most upbeat, happy times but most importantly through the depressing & devastating times. Please keep in mind, even the closet friends will never agree on everything & you may even have arguments because no one is perfect and we all fall short in some area of our lives but true friendships should be able to stand through the test of those times.



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