Change Has To Start With You

There’s too much great things to do in life to be consumed by fad diets, popping pills, & starving yourself just to lose weight so, to show you some ways to speed up your metabolism without dieting, I’ve rounded up my favorite tips, which have been proven to help myself and members of my family.


One of the best ways to speed up your metabolism is to exercise of course. Its been proven people who exercise in the morning have a higher metabolism than those who work out in the later hours of the day. Your body has more energy in the mornings, once you get going, and has had less food that bog it down all day. You can & should eat a little something before your workout, but either way, getting up to ensure it gets done is a great way to jump start your engine!


20140305-090156.jpgSpeed up your metabolism by eating protein at all your meals. Protein takes a lot of work from your system, and in the process, helps build muscles, which burn fat. The digestion of protein also stimulates fat burn and boosts metabolism. Add clean and lean sources of protein to every meal and snack you have. No need to go crazy on the size, since even a little will go a long way.


20140305-090558.jpgCoconut oil and coconut butter, have been proven to enhance your metabolism, help you lose weight, and squash sugar cravings. They also give you so much energy! Both are also amazing for your mood, and they’re delicious to consume in various ways. Coconut oil is also amazing for your thyroid, which has other benefits for metabolism in its own way.


Leafy greens can automatically assist in a faster metabolism, because they keep the body clean. They also fill you up, not out, and satisfy you, despite them being low in calories. Greens are rich in magnesium, which is a top nutrient needed for your metabolism, and to control stress in the body.


You must quit eating processed food if you want to boost your metabolism. Processed food is one of the most detrimental things you can feed your body and will hinder your metabolism no matter what else you do. Once your taste buds learn to thrive off fresh foods, you’ll wonder how you ever ate processed foods anyway. I’m telling you, your energy just soars when you operate off fresh foods and this is because your metabolism is doing its thing the way it wants to!

Having a healthy metabolism really doesn’t take too much work. You don’t have to “count” anything, and essentially, if you just try the tips I’ve suggested and drink lots of water of course, you’d see a huge difference quickly. I also suggest cutting all the sugar out of your diet, since it causes weight gain faster than anything else.

A healthy and happy life starts with a healthy way of living which will unlock the results your craving.

One Love ♥️


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