Life is far too short and unpredictable to waste time on negative thoughts and behaviors. There are a few things listed below we’ve all been guilty of at some point in our lives. To those who have cut the cord on these congratulations; to those who haven’t you need to stop doing it so that you can have a healthy & balance emotional state of mind.


Let’s face it – life is full of problems and obstacles. The thing is, problems are there for you to overcome, NOT run away from! No one said life would be easy – you will fall but you must get up again, and when you do, you will be stronger, more self-assured and more capable to handle the next hurdle. You will also be more compassionate towards others & be that guiding light to help them through similar situations.

We live in a society that’s constantly telling us how we need to act and who we need to look like in order to gain acceptance. Embrace your individuality; it’s a gift to be grateful for! You are the sum of all your parts, if you take even one thing away from your personality you cease to be uniquely you. Never change who you are to make yourself more appealing to others. The people who are genuine will love you exactly as you are.

You’ll never get to the next part of your story if you stay stuck on the same page. Move on! Holding on to the past serves no purpose, and it is a self-destructive trait because it stops you from achieving all that you are capable of. You may have been disappointed, let down, betrayed and hurt but you must forgive those who have wronged you, forgive yourself for your own mistakes, & put your best foot forward and turn the page.

As a perfectionist, I’m definitely preaching to the choir with this one because I’ve held myself back from trying new things simply because I’ve been afraid of making mistakes and looking like a failure in the eyes of those who love me. The only mistake we make is in not trying something new at all. When you look back on life, you’re more likely to regret the things you didn’t do at all, far more than the things you did, even if you didn’t succeed.


We all have a tendency at times to measure our abilities and our achievements against other people.<~ You must stop that! The only person you should be in competition with is yourself. Work on achieving your personal goals, not what you think you should be doing because someone else is doing it. I always tell my kids to shoot for the stars and the moon; not to compete with someone else but to become a better you so that you can help someone else.



Feeling sorry for yourself is a waste of time and energy; much like holding on to the past. A ‘poor me’ attitude or mindset will only keep you stuck in the problem. Search for the silver lining in the situation – that job you lost may open up new opportunities you would never have considered otherwise. That relationship that didn’t work out may lead you to someone who will appreciate you & genuinely love you for who you are. Think of some of the most difficult circumstances you’ve already overcome and you’ll see exactly what I meanI sincerely hope I’ve given you concrete reasons why it’s important to delete certain negative behaviors & thoughts from your personal walk through life.

Continue to be encouraged and enjoy the rest of your day

One Love ♥


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