How Often Do You Think About Your Significant Other?

The times in which we spend thinking about our significant other are more often the times in which we learn to love them. Though we never really place too much emphasis on how much we think about someone while we are doing it, it is important that we realize it’s our thoughts that supersede and determine how we will act in a relationship.

If we never give close consideration to our thoughts of our significant other, then chances are we aren’t doing everything that we can to make our relationship as great as it can be. Start giving your relationship your best by putting as much thought into it as possible.

Make sure that you don’t just put thought into things, but also make sure to execute your plans as well. Think of the good more than you think of the bad, and somehow things always seem to turn out alright. If your heart isn’t in the relationship you shouldn’t be in it. Stringing someone along is the lowest act of deceitfulness!


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