Expressing Your Emotions Should Be A Must

I suck at hiding my emotions. Nor do I even try to anymore. I’ve heard & Ive also been told being unable to control your emotions is a sign of weakness to some. I beg to differ, I think it takes a very strong individual to express the way they feel without thinking about what someone might think. If sadness, express it! If anger, share it! To me, there’s nothing worse than confronting someone with obvious emotions, asking them what’s wrong and they turn around and say, “Nothing’s wrong.”

In society we have been taught for so long that certain emotions should not be expressed openly, I think that’s the worse thing an individual can do; to hold an emotion in for the sake of sparing someone else’s feelings. What that is saying to me is that the other person’s feelings are more important than my own. Now, I’m not implying disrespecting a person or purposely hurting someone’s feelings is the way to go, but wouldn’t it make more sense to say that you’re hurt if you indeed were hurt by someone?

Taking control of ones life certainly means accepting and owning up to the feelings we have, the things that we do, and the words we choose to say. If we can’t accept that type of ownership than I think we relish living in denial. And who would want to honestly live in denial? You got it, No one.

I always tell those closest to me that if nothing else expect honesty, it might be my personal honest experience or what I think about the matter, but it will not be a lie. Lies spoken verbally and through body language requires way too much energy to produce and upkeep, therefore I find it easier to be upfront with people from the get go. It eliminates the negative energy that telling a lie takes to keep it covered up. If I want to exercise my mind, I’d rather read a book, blog, or collect recipes to try out for my family; something more beneficial; NOT to tell a lie and try to convince my body language to act it out for it to appear believable.

One Love♥️




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