Dating Bill of Rights


In Dating Relationships, I Have the Responsibility

  • To communicate my values and limits
  • To respect my romantic partner’s limits, values, feelings, and privacy
  • To accept my romantic partner’s culture and identities
  • To not abuse – physically, sexually, or emotionally
  • To listen
  • To be considerate
  • To communicate clearly, honestly, and respectfully
  • To give my romantic partner space to enjoy activities and friendships outside of our relationship
  • To not exert power or control in relationships
  • To compromise when needed
  • To admit to being wrong when appropriate
  • To ask for help from friends, family and mentor


In Dating Relationships, I Have the Right:

  • To be treated with respect – always
  • To be in a healthy relationship
  • To not be abused – physically, sexually or emotionally
  • To enjoy friends and activities apart from my romantic partner
  • To express myself honestly
  • To recognize my culture and identities
  • To determine my values and set limits
  • To decide what I share with whom
  • To say no
  • To feel safe in relationships
  • To be treated as an equal
  • To feel comfortable being myself
  • To leave or stay in a relationship



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