Taking Good Care Of Your Needs Sets A Good Example

There are many reasons to put yourself first. When you first begin to think about this concept, it can sound and may feel really selfish but I think one reason for that is, many of us have become so accustomed to doing for others that we forget about ourselves. You know, I always think about how taking care of yourself first sets a great example. For me, I especially want to consider this in light of setting the right example for my children. I know that as a mother, life can pull at you and drain you if you are not careful. You have to replenish yourself so you can be the best in all the roles you have to tap dance through.

20140202-163319.jpgNot taking care of yourself and not making your own needs a priority makes you feel terrible. You find that you feel physically tired and overworked, you are mentally drained and that sets the stage for “unhappiness” to waltz right on in. Your needs matter as much as anyone elseā€™s. Taking care of your needs will make you feel better in so many ways. And who doesnā€™t want to feel better right? Be good to yourself and you can then be good to others. It’s a win win for everyone.

One Love! ((Hugs)) & Kisses šŸ˜Š



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