Jaylen & Lyric

I told my kids I would drive them to school this morning so they wouldn’t have to wait outside for their school bus in the 24 degree cold weather. Jaylen said mommy I want to ride the bus ( side-eye look expression on my face) because I’m thinking unless they have Xbox 1 & PlayStation 4 with free breakfast on the school bus I can’t imagine why anybody would want to ride the school bus in this cold weather. My baby girl however jumped at the invitation and she got a ride to school. I mentioned all of that ladies to let you know I now have a whole new perspective & outlook on the thought process of some men and the crazy decisions they can “SOMETIMES” make starts from the moment of conception. My 11-year-old son Jaylen is a prime example to back up my epiphany this morning. And, it also proves that we are the most logical, sound mind individuals in any relationship dealing with the male species rather it be romantic or platonic. So, the next time a man in your life does something that we deem to be crazy or stupid; hear me loud & clear, it is not you! Ā It is truly them and they don’t understand that it is them because they honestly don’t realize it.

Smile ladies and enjoy the rest of your hump dayšŸ˜Š






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