Making A List and Checking It Twice for the New Year


The New Year is fast approaching and rather than try to change your lifestyle for the better on the first day of January, why not plan ahead? In the final days leading up to the end of 2013 make positive changes to get ready to start 2014 with some new, self improvements and some new fitness friends.

Cast your mind back to the past New Year. Did you start 2013 unprepared to really stick to resolutions? If you haven’t quite achieved what you wanted to in terms of living a healthier, positive life then learn from your mistakes. Often people find that a new year has begun and while they may have ideas about what differences they want to make, they are simply not equipped in the right way for success. Where there’s a will there is a way but forethought and preparation counts for a lot too. You have time right now to make changes that will tie you over until the end of 2014 and beyond.

Write a wish list

There might be all sorts of changes you want to make in 2014 and some of these might be connected to a better, healthier lifestyle. Others may be connected to work, family life and relationships. Don’t separate these out just yet. Get all your ideas down on paper and try to stick to concrete ideas. Lots of people would love to travel more for example and many might achieve it, but , is this an immediate need or a desire?

Prioritize and organize

Next put your ideas into categories. Some may cross over or fit into a general category so this doesn’t have to be overly rigid. It should get you thinking about the different areas of your life and the balance that you want to bring to it. In each category try to put your ideas into some type of priority order, or at least prioritize so that you don’t have too long of a list. You can’t do everything so list the more pressing concerns and ambitions?

Think about all the woulda, coulda, shoulds

You need to acknowledge ‘shouldas’ to a certain extent and also dismiss them at the same time. On one hand you are more likely to reach your 2014 goals if they are heartfelt rather than ideas that you think you ‘should’ adopt. However, sometimes an outside perspective, just as the advice of a fitness expert can really open your eyes to where you ‘should’ be heading if you want to make a healthy impact on your life. Be real but don’t feel overly pressured to conform to please everyone but yourself.

Research resolutions

When business leaders are trying to come up with insightful, creative solutions they don’t just focus on their end game. They research, brainstorm and generally give some thought to possible ways in which they can achieve their aim even higher. Your lifestyle in 2014 is your project now so treat it with the same forethought. What are your options? Which types of training is available and in what type of environment? Look at when and how often, as well as affordability. Get the facts so you can make a clear decision. In other words, get in touch with your own reality!

Create strategies for 2014

Once you have some ideas to play around with, you need to develop a plan of action. Look at other factors in your life that might be changing in the coming year. Of course, you cannot predict certain events but you may have some idea of what’s on the slate in terms of family and career. How can and will your goals fit into that picture. If you don’t have a clear strategy that involves an element of flexibility, you will flounder at the start.

Start making changes now

If you want a different future, the best way to achieve that is to start living that life now. It is only by putting your ideas into practice that you can fine tune them and add in extra elements.
Closing note: Keep it simple, hold yourself accountable, & continue moving in a forward positive direction.

❤️One Love





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