Use Your Social Media Sites To Spread Kindness

There are multiple ways to use social media each and every day that can benefit you and other people. Tweeting, sharing on Facebook, pinning and other forms of social media actions can be used from everything to sharing what you love to read, what you’re doing, what kinds of things you enjoy and even help grow your business. But there’s another part about social media many of us don’t consider as much as others. Of all the ways to use social media, spreading kindness is one of the easiest and one of the most effective. I thought it might be nice during the holiday season to share some ways I think anyone could easily spread kindness to others using social media. It’s one of the best things you can do for other people, and it’s free.


I can’t tell you the times that I’ve posted a quote or Bible verse on my personal sites and had someone email me to let me know it was exactly what they needed that day. You never know how your words affect others in a positive way. I’ve also benefited from this act of kindness in the same way, and I’m here to tell you, it truly does make a difference.


Send out an open invitation if anyone you know needs some help with a project this weekend, or just needs some assistance, that you have a couple free hours and are willing to help. Or, perhaps you’re not having a large group over for the holidays. Open your home to your friends on Facebook in case someone else doesn’t have anywhere to go. Spreading kindness this way may take a bit of bravery, but you’ll never know how you can positively affect someone, just by doing so.


I used to love to send e-cards; tweet it to whoever you want to send it to, or create a card through Facebook and share it that way. It’s a great way to let someone know you’re thinking about them, and most e-card sites offer a free version, along with upgraded purchasable versions.


If you read someone’s blog, do them a favor and share their blog post through social media! Trust me, this is huge to someone who’s a blogger, and it helps spread words of encouragement about their blog to others who might benefit too. This is especially great if it’s an inspirational post, since it will help other people just by them reading it.


Do you know someone or a family member who needs some help this holiday season? Perhaps they need clothing donations, monetary donations, labor help, or just general encouragement. Getting support through social media for things of this nature is growing in trend, and can be very effective in a short amount of time in a situation of emergency or bereavement. You’d be surprised how fast people respond through social media when you ask, so don’t hesitate!

Next time you share something on Facebook, tweet on Twitter, pin on Pinterest, or post on Instagram, try to spread some type of kindness. I promise you’ll benefit greatly from the karma thrown back at you, along with everyone else affected by your actions.

❤️One Love







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