Finding Closure & Starting A New Chapter

Sometimes you just know that it’s time to start a new chapter of your life. Other times, you need a little push, or maybe someone telling you that it’s time to move on. You may be stuck in a rut, or you may be so lost just like John Lennon quote goes, “How can I go forward when I don’t know which way I’m facing?” No matter what your circumstances are, everyone has times when it’s imperative to start a new chapter of their life. If you do a thorough self evaluation of your life you just might realize things or certain people that used to mean the world to you no longer hold importance, then it’s safe to say you’re ready to move on whether mentally or physically.

If you’ve just experienced a drastic life altering change, you’re starting a new chapter whether you like it or not. Whether you’ve just lost your job, started a new one, graduated from school, gotten married or divorced or even lost someone you love to death you’re starting a new chapter in your life. It may feel sad or bittersweet right now, but that doesn’t mean your new chapter can’t be positive, happy, and fulfilling.

One Love❤️
Enjoy your hump day!





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