Here’s My Twist on the Ring Don’t Mean a Thing…

When people get married for all the wrong reasons it can ultimately destroy your faith in any kind of relationship going forward. Marriage is not a fix all situation; as a matter of fact it shouldn’t be called or considered a “situation”. Here is a list of the wrong reasons: people get married because of children, people choose marriage because of religious reasons, people get married because on the outside, on the surface it looks good, it appears to have that sparkled polished look, but behind closed doors a hell crazy bunch of shenanigans is going down and nobody is happy; especially those little innocent children that you used and dragged into your messy reality of what you think marriage is all about and then you have the nerve to wonder why the divorce rate is sky rocket high.

To all the little spectators out there I’ve been engaged. I’ve been to the point of planning the wedding, buying my bridal dress, spending money that was nonrefundable and it never happened! We were going by what society thinks is the right thing to do, the adult thing to do, the mature thing to do, when in reality we had no idea why we were getting married; you think you’re in love but if it really was true love their would’ve been no doubts, there would’ve been no hesitations, there would’ve been no going back-and-forth about is he or she really “the one” I want.

Once you finally take the mask off, and take everyone else’s idea of what they think marriage is supposed to be off the table & verbally lay all your thoughts, ideas, & opinions on the table and honestly discuss the matter; only two outcomes is going to happen after this conversation; either you both will realize that your not ready for marriage or you move forward with the marriage plans & make it happen.

Communicating the facts, facing your reality, by seeking premarital counseling, & taking the proper precautions before you actually jump the broom is the best move so you won’t end up in a nasty divorce, & possibly hating each other.

At the end of the day your heart, your genuine worth of sanity, and your comfort level should be taken seriously.

❤️One Love





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