My Good Ole Fashion Friday Venting Session

The wonderful world of being a single parent is so not wonderful at times when you have to carry the load of both parents, not because some major life crisis happened that left the noncustodial parent physically or mentally incapable of meeting the kids needs. You’re doing it by yourself because the noncustodial parent simply doesn’t want to do the responsible, mature, moral act by providing financial support, emotional support or maintaining a loving relationship; just calling and asking your child how are you today? how was school? Doesn’t take much effort.

Stupidity should really be a crime when it comes to children especially if the noncustodial parent has the audacity to give you excuses about why they somehow can’t seem to provide. Rather you like the custodial parent or not should never be a factor for you doing your part. The all time, Grammy world wide stupid questions I’ve ever been asked is “why do you need “X” amount of dollars or what do you need it for?

HELLO! You obviously know you cannot live in this world for free. Rent or mortgage has to be paid, SCE&G does not give away free electrical & gas service, CPW, dorchester water and sewer does not provide free water for your residence, Publix, Target, Wal-mart, etc. does not give away free food, education isn’t completely free because if it was free then why do we have to provide those school supplies and then replenish school supplies throughout the year, PTA fees, lunch money, money for snacks, money for the field trip, money to buy items for their science project and God forbid the child starts growing & need new clothes or new shoes, what about those doctors appointment, dental appointments & having to buy over-the-counter medication. We all need money for gas, carpooling is expensive these days. You certainly can’t go to work every single day and just sit around and do absolutely nothing and expect to continue to get a paycheck every two weeks or remain employed.

I will stop ranting with the list of all the needs that has to be paid for in order to receive it. I honestly feel the custodial parent should never have to give an account to the other parent as to why they’re asking for money or providing a laundry list of needs. Providing for your child should be just as normal as you getting up every morning brushing your teeth and taking a shower before you leave the house. I’m certain nobody will ask you why do you need to do that everyday.

Come on grown people get it together! This has been an issue for as long as the human race has existed and it can easily be a nonissue if everybody just does what they are required to do without being asked to do it or being forced to do it.

Enjoy the rest of your Friday😊

❤️One Love






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  1. Thank you for sabotaging my efforts to be mykidsdad and marginalizing the pain my kids and I suffer due to a very one sided system.. Enjoy the “lottery” money,or should I say “rent money” for my kids,as I scrape to provide a roof over our heads,and food in the fridge for our weekly visits..


    1. Maddienmaxdad I’m not quite sure how I sabotaged your efforts. Clearly my post wasn’t one sided when I used the word “parent” and I clearly didn’t point a finger at a specific parent. Each parent has an equal responsibility to provide, it’s just that simple. I don’t know the details or the specifics going on your side and I don’t need to know it but I’m clearly speaking about what I’m experiencing on my side.


      1. You’re posts always touch my heart,this was no exception. It’s a subject fraught with emotion. The subject of custody


      2. I know all too well how you feel. At times you think nothing of it and other days the emotional toll is overwhelming. My oldest daughter recently showered me with her thoughts, feelings, & that conversation gave me the opportunity to see myself through her eyes. She gave me her personal seal of approval as her mom. None of it takes away the love she has for her dad because they do have a good relationship. I mentioned all of that to let you know your efforts, your love, and your genuine relationship with your kids are being observed through there eyes. Continue to be encourage😊


      3. My gratitude has been falling short lately, I can feel hounds nipping at my heels.. Thanks for the positive& encouraging words


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