Reality TV!

I am what some would call “a reality TV junkie” because I love watching lots of reality tv shows like love and hip-hop, Chrissy and Mr. Jones, Atlanta housewives, The New Atlanta. I can go on and on but what Im seeing being played out on live TV is disturbing!
When I think of marriage I think of commitment, monogamy, love, mutual values, & vows that two people say to each other & hold sacred to their hearts before God, their family and closest friends but apparently those rules, guidelines, & morals are no longer valid for some women.

Where did it all go wrong is what I’m thinking. What woman in her right mind says I’m going to get married for a list of reasons and not one of those reasons on the list has to do with monogamy, commitment and good ole fashion love. For instance; On The Real Housewives of Atlanta Porsha gets married to a man who is “supposedly gay” although Porsha is now saying she didn’t know he was gay but somewhere during the marriage his gay tendencies started popping up here & there; now she’s headed for an ugly divorce.

Amina who starr’s on Love & HipHop NY stupidly agreed to marry Peter knowing that he has a live-in girlfriend with two sons they have together and she also agreed to keep quiet about being his wife to give Peter the opportunity to tell the live-in girlfriend that he decided to marry someone else. Of course his kids are another reason why he hasn’t left the live-in girlfriend yet. <~{side eye} Are you flipping serious is what I'm screaming at my TV. Really!

Both scenarios are mad cow crazy & screaming desperate, desperate, desperate to have a husband! Who knows, maybe these women actually think and feel that what they have is true love and maybe they were manipulated into thinking that the man they love has mutual feelings and desires & decided to give him a pass to work-out his complicated circumstances. SMH… Just typing these words sound crazy as hell but actually living it out is something I personally could never do. These wives have settled & ultimately will be left holding all the baggage while their husbands still have all the open space and opportunities to keep their wives and whomever else he wants because his wife has agreed to pretty much be an option and a married option at that.

And on that note I'm going to bed. While my DVR is scheduled to record some more of these crazy shenanigans that I love to watch!

❤️One Love





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