Reassurance Blocks Out All The Gray Areas

I find that reassurance is a very generous gift to give those you care about. Sure, we don’t NEED it and we don’t have to give it, But, why operate at the bare minimum? Giving generously allows us to operate in alignment with having enough rather than just getting by. It’s the difference between thriving and leading rather than just surviving.

I think that many highly sensitive people like myself can appear mysterious, our intentions and motivations are unclear not because we are hiding them on purpose but because we have so much going on under the hood all the time.

Offering reassurance of your interest, your enjoyment, your affection, your pleasure can bring a deep respect and patience to relationships when it is reciprocal. Many of us may not be very visually or physically demonstrative, especially those of who are introverted.

Reassurance shows a consideration for others. It puts everyone at ease because you don’t have to guess or be on guard for mistaken interpretations. Be generous with your reassurance to those who have earned your trust to be in the position of being reassured by you. It is truly a gift that keeps on giving to all of those involved.

šŸ˜ŠOne Loveā¤ļø



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