What Are You Secretly Worshipping?

Desperate people do dangerous things. I think that injecting secret worshipping into things can be known has a dangerous practice. When we are desperate, we sacrifice what is and what could be, and then we lose it all. This is why I believe rock bottom is often a place where we start getting real with ourselves and making things happen for ourselves.

We have no illusions at that point about what we have. But, I don’t think we always have to hit rock bottom to realize that we can be interdependent with what we have & be honest about what we have, & engage with that.

I encourage you to look at what you might secretly be worshipping. I think we all do it; like feminine beauty, masculine strength, competition, winning, happiness, money, excess, being right, being wanted, & power. I don’t believe that any of these are “bad” but, I do think that worshipping these things puts us at a distance between who we are and where we are. It prevents an honest engagement with others and keeps things hypothetical. It keeps us starving and desperate. Fantasies are a part of human nature & they can move us in powerful directions, but I think they ultimately must be smashed & done away with if they are causing a negative interference in order to appreciate what is real. What is on your personal altar? Could you take it down? Is your reality being altered by it?

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday beautiful people 🙂

One Love❤️




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