You Should Take It Personal…

I like having everything in my life personal. I love the clients I work with, and what we do together is very personal because I’m the person they rely on to provide home security for their families & personal belongings. I love the friends I have, and I feel deeply connected to each one of them in specific unique ways. I feel as though I only have room for the “personal” things in my life right now. As I dig deeper into my weakness, strength abounds, and I have less and less to hide from.

When I once would have heeded the advice not to take everything so personal; at this stage in my life I prefer to make more time to concentrate on the things I consider personal. My personal spin on that advice is not allowing those who don’t respect me & my personal belongings have free reign in my personal space. I will only allow those who see, respect, and accepts me for who I truly am so that I can very deeply take it all very personal with those individuals. I always recommend to others to “BE YOU” at all times, as deeply as you can be. Make sure that anyone who gets to see the authentic you has earned that spot.

You are precious, and deserve nothing but the very best “personally :)”.

One Love❤️

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