❤️Coping and Struggling🙏

Coping after the death of your baby is one of the hardest things you’ll ever do. You may feel like you’ll never get over it. Stillbirth’s can happen for a variety of reasons and 90% usually occurs when the baby has genetic abnormalities. It’s devastating, but with time, I’m told will eventually heal. My mommy always say “when a woman is pregnant she has one foot in the grave & the other on top of it”. She never mentioned what could possibly happen when a mother is struggling to come to terms with being the only survivor after a high risk pregnancy. Pregnancy as we all know to some degree does have risk; especially for women 35 and older. When your baby dies that leaves so many questions that medically can be answered & some explained to a certain level; yet some of those questions are still lingering in the back of her mind all ending with why?  Emotionally her heart will be left with a hole because that specific space reserved for that child is left forever empty.


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