Love is a verb <3

When somebody is able to open up your heart you should consider them a very integral part of your life and you should definitely never take them for granted. It is only so often that a person can just fall into your life and make you feel things in your heart, & in your spirit that you probably never even knew were there.

To get to that depth & willing to open up is a hard nut to crack for some people but when the right person is made available to you the actual experience of a new love is something that our hearts secretly yearn for. Are you ready for the roller coaster ride? Because love is a fast twirl of ups and downs; love can have you screaming for joy at one moment, while it may have you screaming in need of a bucket to puke in the next moment. Follow your own heart, and intuition; believe in the things that it is telling you. The worse that can happen is creating another testimony of experience & wisdom to add to your relationship belt.

ā¤One LovešŸ˜Š




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