Let Yourself Be Totally Free…

“Sometimes it gets easy to think that we make the world go round. Then we end up unnecessarily carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders.

A visualization ~ Close your eyes and imagine for just 2~3 minutes shrugging off all the weight that is there on your shoulders. Imagine dropping it just for now, just because you can, just as a practice. For right now, let yourself be totally free. And, as you are in this free space, play a little mind game. Imagine sitting like this all day long for a full 24 hours. You can certainly imagine the numerous impulses to pick things up or do things or handle things. But, notice what happens when you just sit, free from the weight, and allow those things to just be or pass on by. It usually all works out one way or another. And then can you imagine returning to those daily tasks, now knowing that it doesn’t need you in order to continue on. This can allow you to participate in the way that you want too with what feels important now. Really imagine re-engaging that way. Participating out of choice rather than fear or obligation. Imagine bringing that back into your day to day life and continue on from that space of freedom.

:: One Love ::





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