HSP’s & Narcissist~>Terrible Magnetic Combination


I find just like magnets, undervalued HSPs~> {highly sensitive people or person} can have different empty holes. The under-important undervalued HSP attracts the over-important (narcissist) These forces pull these two magnets together. There is a strong attraction and a strong resentment at the same time. The other represents all they each detest. And, yet, all that they each need.

I find these are the empty holes within each of us and we may outwardly express one or the other and keep the other one more internal. Most people would never have guessed how demanding and mean I use to be to myself internally. AND, I think that most people would never guess how insecure narcissists really are on the inside though they may seem outwardly demanding and confident.

This is part of the reason why I study for hours on end “Sensitive Leadership”, so that undervalued, under-important HSPs can do their work to fill in those empty holes for themselves instead of accepting narcissist to full it with their cruelty & unusual punishment.

When you ground your work and understand a healthy importance about your being, then it is easier to not need narcissists in your life. When you trust your being and your value and you import it, then the narcissist will have know choice but to find another way to get their emotional and vulnerable needs met rather than the fix they get from being with the under-important HSP.

So, in considering how to be kind to a narcissist, know that you may feel a strong attraction or pull. It may be tempting to abandon yourself to that pull. But, I highly recommend staying true to yourself is the kindest thing you can do. Let the narcissist twist your words how they will because they always do and trust that as you use sensitive leadership, your personal being will thrive. You WILL grow stronger. It will be easier to trust yourself no matter what they say. You don’t have to explain it to them, argue with them, or get them to understand because you know it won’t work. When you actually shift your magnetic pull, they can have the opportunity to shift theirs though they may not choose it.

One Loveā¤






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