Don’t Look To Other’s For Approval

The more we focus less on what others think about us, the easier we will find peace within ourselves. As people we all seek the approval of others, and at different points in our lives it is this approval that often presumably drives our direction in life. Though this is often productive on the surface, more often than not, we end up in places or on paths that we know we shouldn’t really be. How can we ever expect to be happy if we know that deep down we aren’t on the correct path to fulfilling our dreams & reaching our destiny.

Today is a new day, and a day that you will never get back. Pledge your life to spending more time with yourself, and figuring out where exactly it is that you want to go. Don’t stop there, be sure to make advances towards your aspirations daily, and never submit to failure, you only fail when you quit working towards the goals that God in Heaven has placed in your heart.

Sure, God is able to put you where He would have you but, He would rather you make the choice on your own. God knows you have what it takes to reach your “personal promise land” because He is the one who knew you before you were ever conceived, & He is the one who placed the seed in your heart that’s taken root to flourish & grow.

Whenever you are in doubt of what direction to take or in what your next step should be you can always ask your God/creator but sometimes God would rather you step out on faith; that in itself is power to place you exactly where you need to be.

Activate your faith daily & seek God’s approval daily, He never cease to amaze me when I do.
Keep smiling… Someone out there needs to see it. ~One Love.




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