I am Definitely on my Soapbox Today…

We reveal the kind of people we are willing to be by the behavior that we seek out for amusement and relaxation. Those who choose violent games or promiscuous romance stories betray a weakness toward accepting such behavior, even if they are presently inhibited from doing such things themselves. Should the opportunity arise where they could feel justified (perhaps with a little lubrication from alcohol or drugs) they are much more likely to act violently or yield to immoral impulses. Entertainment is just another form of association.

It is possible to be astute in one part of our life but foolish in another. That doesn’t work so well. True wisdom affects our entire pattern of life: our attitudes, priorities and interests, and all our relationships, from family to business to authority. It is not a matter of knowing a lot of rules or how-to’s. Rather, wisdom is built on a foundation of understanding human nature, including its weaknesses (such as the tendency to conform noted above), and it works with basic principles, such as trust, respect, and responsibility. We can learn these principles from scripture directly (such as in Proverbs) and by discerning the reasons for commands (such as in the Law given to Israel) and by analyzing bad examples (starting with Satan) and good examples (the best being Jesus).

At first we may not understand or be inclined to accept some of God’s wisdom, but knowing he is God keeps us from ignoring what puzzles us. Rather, we will study on it and discern why his direction is superior to our own inclinations. —see Prov 11:2 and 8:13.

A central weakness that Satan exploits is our desire for sensual pleasure. God designed us to have sexual desire and the equipment to satisfy it. Animals indulge whenever urge and opportunity coincide, and Satan says to us, “You are an animal. Enjoy!” Our Creator, on the other hand, says that our procreative power is a sacred privilege to be used with respect for its purposes. One of these is indeed pleasure; He made it so. But another is reproduction, and in that it must consider the fundamental needs of the generation it produces. Children need faithful, trustworthy, nuturing parents in a longterm commitment, through fat times and lean. They must not be treated as incidental and inconvenient consequences, which is what happens when the “parents” are focused on pleasure alone.

Nor does marital loyalty end when the kids are grown and gone. God regards infidelity as treachery. Your mate depends upon your faithfulness; betrayal is violence to the heart just as surely as blows to the face. If you act so hatefully toward your mate, Jehovah says, he will refuse to hear any request for favor from you. —see Malachi 2:13-16, 1 Peter 3:7, Hebrews 13:4..

It is stupid to incite wrong desires in our flesh and then expect to resist them. Do not fantasize about illicit relationships.


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