Self~Respect Is Essential

One must never de-emphasize the importance of respecting ones own self, and knowing one’s own true value. We are priceless entities of life, and no amount of money, or any resource on this earth is worth our souls. One postulation that we must realize is true is we have to be willing to show others how much we respect ourselves. If people see us as lacking self~respect for ourselves, chances are they will not respect us either.

Our soul is very similar to the body’s need for new breath every few seconds, without self respect and knowing ones true worth your soul may suffocate and die, just as a persons physical body may suffocate and die with a lack of oxygen. Always remember that there can be no failure to a person who never loses track of how much they are worth on the inside, even in times of difficulty, they will still shine as the stars do in the midnight sky; untouched by any force. ~1 LOVE


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