Men and women are different for a reason…

Since the release of the movie, “Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man,” the question of how a woman thinking like a man has continued to come up time and time again and my answer has always been DON’T.

The way that a person thinks shouldn’t be associated with a particular sex. Common sense and doing what you feel is best for you should be the rule. Gone should be the days of playing games and trying to “figure out” the male psyche in order to try to perpetuate something that is not being true to who you really are.

Don’t try to think like a man or woman, just think like YOU. If you are able to have sex with no strings attached then that is fine and if you can’t have sex without an emotional attachment that is fine too. Societal norms have tried to create a formula for how a woman should think and act, but that formula doesn’t equate to many of us. Yet, the advice of Steve Harvey has many re-thinking their every thought and deed.

I love the movie, “Two Can Play That Game,” because at the end all it really showed was that when it comes to matters of the heart there are no rules. Being honest with yourself is the best way to be… period. Once you know who you are and what you will and will not tolerate then you can enter into a healthy relationship.

Men and women are different for a reason. One shouldn’t try to “think” or “act” like the other in order to gain some sort of acceptance or get what they want. If you follow rules to try to play into what you think the other person wants, then you will ultimately end up unhappy because one can only “act” but so long until their true selves shine through. I love being a woman and most of all I love being ME. The way I think, feel and respond to situations stem from how I was raised and different experiences I’ve went through in my own life. I’m not going to try to mimic the thoughts and actions of the opposite sex in order to play some frivolous mind game. I’m going to think and act in the manner that makes the most sense to me. Whoever likes it great and whoever doesn’t that’s fine as well. Life will still go on.

Tricks are for kids and I am a grown woman. Trying to understand one another is wonderful, but attempting to replicate the thoughts and deeds of the opposite sex just because you don’t want to be alone for the rest of your days is just harmful to the real you trying to bust through all those idiotic rules. Do keep smiling and enjoy being you. ~One Love


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