Never Underestimate Your Personal Impact

Many of the problems in this world are generated by a lack of care, concern or the desire to influence positively in some sort of way. Many of us, who are trying to make a positive splash in this mass society, in an effort to be noticed, forget that when we do make a splash, there will be ripples caused by the splash we create. Remember that no matter how big or small you think your role on this Earth is, you have to realize that you are influencing someone somewhere somehow.

Most times you will never really know the impact that you have in someone else’s life, but remember to watch your words. When you can encourage someone with some kind or inspirational words, do so. When you can encourage someone through action or influence, do so. Life is always going to be full of people who have less than you, how you bless others who have nothing to offer you in return is the true measure of your integrity. And that alone is an awesome ripple effect. ~One Love


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